Ten new words with meaning

Here are 10 new words with their meanings:

  1. Perspicacious (adjective): Having a keen understanding and insight; able to notice and understand things that are not immediately apparent.

Example: "She was a perspicacious observer of human behavior and was able to pick up on subtle cues that others might miss."

  1. Ennui (noun): A feeling of listlessness and boredom; a lack of interest or excitement.

Example: "After a few months of doing the same job, he started to feel ennui and was looking for a change."

  1. Fastidious (adjective): Meticulous and demanding in one's standards; having a strong attention to detail.

Example: "She was a fastidious editor and made sure that every detail in the article was accurate and correct."

  1. Garrulous (adjective): Talkative and loquacious; fond of talking and sharing one's thoughts and opinions.

Example: "He was a garrulous person and loved to talk about his favorite sports team and players."

  1. Heterogeneous (adjective): Composed of different kinds of things; diverse and varied.

Example: "The city's population was heterogeneous, with people from all over the world living and working there."

  1. Inscrutable (adjective): Difficult to understand or interpret; mysterious and unclear.

Example: "The ancient hieroglyphics were inscrutable to most people, but the expert was able to decipher their meaning."

  1. Lassitude (noun): A feeling of weariness and lack of energy; a state of being tired and sluggish.

Example: "After a long illness, she felt a sense of lassitude and needed to take things easy for a while."

  1. Mercurial (adjective): Changeable and unpredictable; having a quick and sudden change of mood or behavior.

Example: "He was a mercurial person and could go from being happy and outgoing to being irritable and withdrawn in a matter of minutes."

  1. Nebulous (adjective): Unclear or vague in meaning or form; lacking definition or clarity.

Example: "The company's business plan was nebulous and lacked specific goals and objectives."

  1. Perfidious (adjective): Disloyal and treacherous; having a tendency to betray or deceive others.

Example: "He was a perfidious friend and had a history of breaking promises and lying to those he cared about."

I hope these words are helpful!