Celebrated Swiss-based Nigerian Super Model Stella Oganwu is ready to blend elements of Nigerian couture with European styles, Channels Television reports.

Oganwu, who is also a modelling coach told Channels Television about her plans to make Nigerian fashion adaptable in Switzerland.

She said the Nigerian fashion is marketable in Europe and only needs to be designed to fit the European weather.

“In Nigeria, we have all it takes to really make fashion great. But, the challenge is organising it. How do you make it happen?

“There are different kinds of African fashion. It is not just about putting on Ankara. We need to upgrade to a better way. Switzerland is a cold country, we can’t just put on Ankara the way we put it on in Nigeria. So I want to do something that you can wear Ankara, even when it’s very cold and in winter,” she said.

Based on her experience in Europe where her trade appears to have afforded her insider’s perspectives, Stella also speaks on the challenges facing the emerging fashion industry in Nigeria.

According to her, modelling is not about exchanging one’s body for money. She asked young Nigerians to stand their grounds and not compromise, even when faced with challenges.

“Modeling is not just about selling your body. There is no amount of money they can give you to make you sell your body. I want a change for Nigerian youths and I want them to realise they can be whoever they want to be, without selling themselves,” she said.

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