The famed New York Fashion Week celebrates diversity and inclusivity on stage in this year’s edition of the fashion event.

Fashion watchers noted that though this defied all odds, it is not the first show of its kind in the history of NYFW, as other brands like Eden Miller of Cambria and Addition Elle, have each done recorded same feat at the fashion event.

The New York Fashion Week traditionally feature its body inclusivity, enlisting same personae displaying on the runway.

Plus-sized brand’s varieties at the event include Bad Sandy from Grease, Bad Dolores from Westworld and a number of other materials like leather, embroidered jackets, collars enlarged in semblance of shark fins, lace, florals, ruffles, robes and skirts, are all available.

Visitors at the event have the experience of a collection made for specially plus-sized mass-market women, and they are nice and safe. It also has a combination of edgy leather materials with floating fabric, giving the models a lifting appearance.

It also gives room to bigger-sized women, who are equally seen as customers of fashion.

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