American actor, Will Smith recently opened up on his family staging a ‘mutiny’ in 2012 due to their unhappiness at how he was ‘leading’ the clan. In 2010, Willow, now 18, released her hit Whip My Hair; Jaden, now 20, was starring in The Karate Kid; and his wife Jada, 47, was appearing in the drama series Hawthorne. However, as time went on, Will realised that it wasn’t the direction he should have been leading his family in.

He said:

“I took two years off. I met Michaela Boehm, who studied under David Deida, who is the author of the book The Way of the Superior Man, and I started reading his work, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he understands.’ I literally worked with Michaela for two years. Trying to figure out what I didn’t know about my family is happy. And I didn’t work―I didn’t make a movie for two years.

“I knew there was more I needed to know other than conquering in movies, conquering in television, conquering in music and entertainment. I had done all this conquering, but no one around me was happy.

“So, I shut it down, and in that time, I discovered so much new wisdom, so many new ideas.”

When returning to entertainment, Will worked on the Netflix film, Bright and learned all about digital media – leading to him letting the public into his life by way of social media.

The Switch rapper has a number of films set for release in 2019 – the Aladdin remake, in which he plays the Genie, Spies In Disguise, an animation with the biggest plot twist we’ve ever seen, and sci-fi film Gemini Man.

Will’s daughter Willow previously claimed her father didn’t listen to her during her early success – a period which led to the singer rebelling by shaving her head, and eventually self-harming. Speaking on Red Table Talk, Jada’s Facebook Watch series, Willow said: “I definitely had to forgive you [Jada] and daddy for that whole Whip My Hair thing. It was mostly daddy because he was so harsh at certain times.

“It was like a couple of years, honestly, trying to regain trust for feeling like I wasn’t listened to. Or no one cared what I felt during that time.”

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