As issues, events and people keep happening in the world around us, Twitter serves as a first-hand introduction and appraisal of the events and an avenue to feel the nerve of the general reactions and dispositions to any news, event, or happening in real-time.

So what are Nigerians talking about today on Twitter or like they say in Twitter parlance, what are we angry about today? Here is a rundown of Friday (August 8, 2018) evening’s trends:

NWA Baby

It’s a song by Davido… The song has been trending online since morning, because it came out this morning at about 12am…Nigerians are really tweeting about the song, and there’s a mixed feeling about the music, some are saying the song is a hit like issa banger… While some are saying that the song doesn’t make any sense to them, and some are even saying that the artist himself is using juju, how can a song just come out and be trending this much…

Freak Me

It’s a new song by Ciara and Nigerian artist Tekno, and it’s been trending too but Nigerians and their wahala sha… Some are not pleased with the song, they are asking Ciara, why Tekno? Why didn’t she pick someone else, Tekno of all artist in Nigeria… Some are saying Tekno can never be civilized, that he has been using the same techniques every time, he should try and change it, he used the same beat in the freak me music too and some Nigerians are seriously pissed at him… While some Nigerians are really loving it, they are even saying that this freak me song is way better than the level up song…

The Equaliser 2

It’s a movie starring Denzel Washington and everybody has been tweeting about it, that Denzel nailed it in the movie, some are tweeting lines like this ‘’I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” and putting the hashtag, TheEqualizer2 in front of it…No mixed feelings about the movie, it’s a must watch…


Its all about youth having a seminar in preparation for the International Youth Day and they are tweeting what they learnt at the seminar. One said that, “Great successes of life are the successes of a team. Team work is the easiest way to success” while another one said that, “Fraternity in the aspect of collaboration is key in business”

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