Rumours of an alleged divorce besetting the marriage of Nigerian actress, Uche Jumbo and hubby, Kenny Rodriguez, can now be laid to rest.

Reports confirmed that Rodriguez debunk the rumours on social media, while apologizing to his wife for the hurting feeling such misguided information might have caused her.

He termed the rumours as “negative inaccurate press,” and threatened to take legal action against the sources of such rumours.

Rodriguez’s message read: “I would like to publicly apologise to my wonderful wife Uche Jombo for the foolishness that has been speculating the internet.

“I’ve already taken legal action, however, I would like to take this opportunity to formally say ‘I’M SORRY’ to my wife because she’s undeserving of this negative inaccurate press that no one will wish upon their loved one.”

The said rumours began when pictures of Rodriguez and a lady, misconstrued for his mistress went viral online.

The situation seemingly became tensed afterwards when Jumbo allegedly removed kenny’s photo from her page and also removed her surname, which was her husband’s.

However, the actress has not made her opinion on the matter public but her social media presence still remains active ever since.

Rodriguez and Jumbo got married in 2012 and are blessed with a son, Matthew Rodriguez, who was born on 27, 2015

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