Who are the Best 10 Photographers in Ghana 2022?

The Top 10 Photographers in Ghana include Nana Kofi Acquah, Bob Pixel, Steve Ababio, Yaw Pare, James Barnor, Gilbert Asante, Bkay Photos, Amokwei Quarshie, Bel Bond, and Mel Arthur.


1. Nana Kofi Acquah

Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy) works for Oxfam GB, The Global Fund, Americares, Nike, BBC, The Financial Times, BASF, Novartis Foundation, ActionAid, WaterAid, Facebook, Hershey’s, AfDB, Standard Bank, and other clients across Africa. Acquah is paving the way for native photographers around the world with his stunning photographs of African women, which he hopes to change the narrative surrounding them by displaying the photographs alongside stories that portray them as much more than victims of circumstance, aiming to show the common ground we all share. His art may be seen on Instagram @ nanakofiacquah.


2. Bob Pixel

Emmanuel Yeboah is a Ghanaian musician. Bobbie, sometimes known as Bob Pixel, was a Ghanaian graphic designer and photographer. He established his own brand by photographing events such as funerals and festivals. M.anifest, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Menaye Donkor, Jackie Appiah, and others were among the personalities with whom he collaborated. Bobbie found himself working at an English supermarket after leaving school, and he was drawn to the photographic magazines, which he devoured during his breaks. Back in Ghana, where he was studying at KNUST, he never forgot what he had learned in those journals, and he pursued it with zeal. His stunning portraiture, also known as Bob Pixel, is full of motion, life, comedy, and beauty. His art may be seen on Instagram @ bobpixel.


3. Steve Ababio

Ababio, Steve Aerial, landscape, architectural, interior, product, food, special interest, fashion, fine art, and portrait photographer Steve Ababio is the founder of Steve Ababio Photography. Shoots all over the world, but is based in Ghana. Steve Ababio is assisting in the education of the future generation of youngsters who want to learn how to concentrate their eyes in order to catch unique moments. With his smooth portraiture and skill in managing projects of all kinds, from the minute to the vast, landscape to portrait, as well as the quiet of everyday life, his photography is helping to turn a sharp eye on the country. His eye is always diverse and always wonderful, whether photographing a windsurfer from the sky with the silky green sea as a backdrop, a colorful bird of paradise hitching a ride on a languidly grazing cow, the sharp lines and modernity of a hyper-modern building, or capturing the moment of musical joy onstage at a concert. Steve Abbio’s art may be seen on Instagram at steve.ababio.

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4. Pare Yaw

Yaw Pare, who has single-handedly improved Ghana’s tourist landscape, was motivated by the paucity of good pictures coming out of his country and so creates beautiful portrayals of Ghana’s must-see sites. He goes off the beaten path and reminds us why we travel in the first place: to see the beauty that is hidden in the quiet moments, using his rare eye to show the beauty of what we see in the country every day but sometimes take for granted, going off the beaten track and reminding us why we travel in the first place: to see the beauty that is hidden in the quiet moments. Photographs like his, filled with wit and grace, are essential to Ghana and Africa in general because they help direct attention to all that is positive and unique about the country, from the finer points of food to a young man in full tribal regalia rapt in rapture at a cultural festival to the lonely bright beauty of empty fishing boats lounging by the sea as the sunsets. His art may be seen on Instagram @ yaw pare.

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5. Barnor, James

Since the 1990s, Ghanaian photographer James Barnor HonFRPS has been based in London. His career spans six decades, and while his work was unknown during most of that time, it has recently been found by new audiences. Beginning in pre-colonial Gold Coast and photographing remarkable moments of societal transformation, this towering pioneer of Ghanaian photography has a career that spans six decades. He worked both in studios and on the street, and is recognized with being the first to introduce color processing to Ghana in the 1970s, introducing the world to a new Africa, overflowing with vitality and at a crossroads between traditional life and an international future. His work includes street and portrait photography, as well as reportage and black lifestyle photography, which he mostly published in Drum, the time’s largest black magazine. Richard Nixon and the Duchess of Kent were among the people he photographed.


6. Gilbert Asante

Asante’s photographs, which are firmly rooted in the world of advertising and provide a slick perspective, could easily be found in the pages of international magazines, and he is a go-to choice for publications like New African Woman and Glitz, which depict the diversity of the African woman in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, as well as celebrating the power and individuality of important Ghanaian personalities. He is hailed as a tremendous creative force in commercial and studio photography, with dapper men, gorgeous ladies, and bright colours. His art may be seen on Instagram @ gilbertasante.


7. Photographs

Issaka Osumanu, the founder and CEO of Bkay Photos, is a Koforidua Technical University IT graduate. Bkay Photographs, A young photographer makes his mark with extremely distinctive Conceptual Arts that are innovative and employ visual storytelling to convey his voice and communicate his ideas about critical issues in his culture and the wider globe. His photos, shot in the twenty-first century, reflect some of the most important concerns facing Ghanaian society and Our Youthful Life. He is regarded as the top photographer in Ghana’s Eastern Region, namely Koforidua. His work may be seen on Instagram @ bkayphotos.

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8. Amokwei Quarshie

Quarshie’s photographs have a cinematic quality to them, this young man with an epic eye who is making waves in both fashion and nature photography. His wide and seamless fashion work has earned him a place in this burgeoning creative field, and his eye is drawn to the color and cut of African-made garments, as well as the lines and contours of the male and female models’ physique. His images of Ghanaian street life and the country’s creative up-and-comers are crisp and amusing. His art may be seen on Instagram @ quarets.


9. Ben Bond

Ben Bond is a character in the film Ben Bond Asamoah, Obiri OAB photography is a young man who makes his mark with very distinctive, stylized fashion images that are imaginative and snappy, and imbued with stunning color schemes that look straight off of a movie set. His portraiture is dignified, and he approaches the medium of black and white photography with equal flair. His bold portraits of gorgeous African ladies stand out and go well with his more candid photos. A young photographer who is focused on the future. Ben Bond’s work may be found on Instagram At benbond photographer.


10. Mel Arthur

Mel Arthur is a young photographer who has his sights set on filmmaking in the future. With his quirky, one-of-a-kind photos that demonstrate a keen eye and a unique viewpoint, there is little question that he will get there. His style lends itself to a wide range of subjects, including nature, landscapes, still life, and candids. He uses light and color, as well as style and medium, to create stunning works. It will be fascinating to watch where this exceptionally gifted young guy will go next.