Nigerian has dropped position in the latest ranking Wednesday on the international press freedom index over recent press freedom issues.

News release credited to Reporters Without Borders, RWB, showed Nigeria occupies 122 position out of 180 nations surveyed.

On the other hand, Norway was reported to have the best press freedom in the world followed by Sweden and Finland, which came second and third on the index respectively.

Nigeria recorded a fall in position in 2016 from 111 to 116, which was closely followed by another drop from 116 to 122, a position regarded as the red zone for press freedom worldwide.

“In Nigeria, it is nearly impossible to cover stories involving politics, terrorism, or financial embezzlement. Journalists are often threatened, subjected to physical violence, or denied access to information by government officials, police, and sometimes the public itself.

“The all-powerful regional governors are often their most determined persecutors. As Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria nonetheless has more than 100 independent media outlets.

“Online freedom was recently curbed by a cyber-crime law that punishes bloggers in an arbitrary manner.” RWB said.

The quadruplet of Syria, Turkmenistan, Eritrea and North Korea are the worst rated on the index, with each occupying the 177th, 178th, 179th, and 180th positions respectively.

Another source, RSF, affirmed that in 2017, eight journalists have been killed worldwide, while 193 are being jailed. But none of those killed was recorded in Nigeria.

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