The My NSFAS wallet allows you as an NSFAS funded student to receive money from the scheme, withdraw cash and pay for goods at selected stores or informal traders. This wallet is simply where your allowances and other allocation from the schemes are kept.

If you’re fortunate enough to be approved and funded as an applicant for this scheme, the money would be deposited into your My Nsfas wallet.

My NSFAS Wallet

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NSFAS is the national student financial aid scheme that is aimed at giving financial aid to undergraduate students. If you’re a student in South Africa having difficulties meeting up with tuition fees for your university, this financial aid Scheme is just perfect for you.

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MyNsfas is the portal you can use to log in and access important information relating to the national student financial aid schemes. This portal keeps you up to date with the latest information about the Scheme.

How to Register for my NSFAS Wallet

This is one question a lot of people have in mind when it comes to the My NSFAS wallet. 

“How do I register for this wallet? What are the steps to take?”  You might ask.

Below are steps to take to register for the wallet

  • Go to the wallet site through this link on your browser
  • Fill your LAS/SOP
  • You’ll then receive a message welcoming you to this wallet
  • Open the text message and verify your account by dialing *134*176#
  • Reply with your ID number
  • You’ll then receive a password for your NSFAS wallet almost immediately.

How to check my NSFAS wallet balance

If you’re being funded by this Scheme, checking your wallet balance regularly is a good way to know when you get allowances. It’s also a good way to keep track of your funds in order to prevent being stranded.  If you’d like to check your NSFAS wallet balance, follow the steps below.

  • Dial the shortcode which is *134*176#
  • Fill in your password and send
  • A list of options will be available to you. You’ll pick option 2 which is a query.
  • You can then choose to view your cash balance and transactions.
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How to withdraw cash using the NSFAS wallet

If you’d like to withdraw the money in your NSFAS wallet or pay using selected stores,   take the following steps

  • Type this link on your browser
  • Fill in your phone number and password and login into your account
  • Click pay
  • Enter the amount and click done

These are the simple steps to pay using your wallet at selected stores.

How to reset your NSFAS wallet password

If you’ll like to reset your NSFAS wallet password, follow the steps below

  • Go to
  • Click on NSFAS chat
  • You’ll then be connected to customer care that’ll help reset your password
  • You’ll have to provide some details like phone number and I’d number in the process

The NSFAS wallet is where your money is kept if you’re an approved applicant of this Scheme. Do well to try this scheme and enjoy the benefits.

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