Since the 1994 election, South Africa has been split into nine provinces, each with its own language and culture. Compared to other provinces in South Africa, the population density in Gauteng is approximately 700 people per square kilometer. In contrast, the population density in the Northern Cape is less than four persons per square kilometer, despite the province being primarily desert. Since the formation of the provinces in 1994, there have only been three censuses, which took place in 1996, 2001, and 2011.

Top 10 Most Populated Provinces in South Africa

1. Gauteng      14,717,000

2. KwaZulu-Natal    11,384,700

3. Mpumalanga    6,621,100

4. Western Cape    6,522,700

5. Limpopo          5,797,300

6. Eastern Cape      4,523,900

7. North West    3,979,000

8. Free State    2,954,300

9. Northern Cape      1,225,600

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