How to find KPLC bill via text

The first option on how to find a KPLC bill is to send a text to KPLC, and they will answer with your bill details.

The message can be sent from any network provider at the cost of Kshs.5.

The following are steps to follow and send the message;

  •         Open your phone messages
  •         Select create a new message
  •         On the subject, enter your account number
  •         On the send to enter KPLC number 95551 and click send tab

After a few seconds, you’ll receive a response from KPLC with your bill details.

Check bill via USSD code

You can also find the KPLC bill by dialing the USSD code. The USSD code is developed in such a way it gives a chance to even other KPLC services.  When you dial *977# from the menu, select the check bill, and you will receive your bill.

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Finding Kenya Power bill via email Service

The eBill email service allows you to KPLC bill via email Service. To successfully do your KPLC electricity bill inquiry through email, you must have Internet access.  Here are steps to follow and send the email to KPLC and find the bill.

  •         Log in to your email account.
  •         Choose to compose a new email.
  •         In the subject field, enter the first part of your Account Number
  •         Send the email message to

After a few minutes will receive an email from KPLC detailing your bill.

How to find KPLC bill Online

Another option to find the bill is by visiting the KPLC website. It is among the most dependable approaches to inquire about your Kenya electricity bill. You can check your KPLC balance online using this method.

You can check your KPLC bill online by going to the Kenya Power Company’s website, entering the first portion of your account number in the box labeled account name, and then clicking submit.

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To receive a positive response, it is critical to enter the right account number and follow the message-sending procedure.