The management of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) has sacked about 63 lecturers and other members of staff for alleged sexual harassment, certificate forgeries, and extortion.

Some of the lecturers sacked for alleged sexual harassment are – Chinedu Ogah of the Department of History and International Relations and Dr Egbo of Faculty of Education. Some other lecturers are being tried for same offences.

Their sack was confirmed by the university’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Patrick Itumo.

Itumo told newsmen that only 63 staff were dismissed for a number of offences that bordered on certification and age differentials among others.

Confirming the news Itumo said; “That is the reason for the action we are talking about; the disengagement. They are not over 300 as being speculated. As I speak to you, they are 63 in number that have been disengaged.

“There is this audit report that was brought out from where these people were disengaged, 63 of them. Some of them have age discrepancies in their records. Some people obtained doubtful First School Leaving Certificates; some obtained their WAEC before their First School Leaving Certificates.

“There are people who should have retired at the age of 65 or 70 years and they are still in service and also some adjunct professors who come from various places whose contracts have been reviewed up to five times. As of now, nobody among these people has been reinstated.

“Students are encouraged to come up with report of sexual harassment so that the school will look into it. They should talk to the authorities and they will be protected if they are afraid to make an open report on it.”

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