The Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission, Mr. Modibbo Kawu said the transmission facility in Kaduna State, North West Nigeria is up and ready for switch on any moment from now.

“As you can see, what we have put up for the switch on in Kaduna is top class. We already have the National and Regional channels running, waiting for the local channels to join.
“Everything is set we are just waiting to embark on sensitisation, finalise arrangement for the set top boxes and a few things then we are good to go,” the Director Genera stated.

Mr. Kawu said the commission has learnt  good lesson from other cities that were launched and such lessons has helped a great deal in putting Kaduna in order.

Challenges witnessed
The project Director for Pinnacle Communications Limited Mr. Tunde Idowu, said the challenges witnessed in Abuja, such as fluctuating signals and a few others in some areas have been considered in putting up the Kaduna infrastructure and will be sorted out appropriately.

Some of the stakeholders in the DSO project have expressed some fears in the business aspect as it relates to their operations.

CEO of liberty Radio and Television based in Kaduna, Mr. Tijani Ramalan, said for some of the broadcast stations already on the DSO platform it is not a good bargain in terms of business models.

According to him, a situation where some cities are switch on to digital while the analogue stations are still allowed to keep broadcasting is unfair to those already on the DSO platform, because advertisers still go to the analogue stations to place advertisements.

“We have invested huge sums in this transition by acquiring digital equipment but now, the terrestrial equipment is still allowed to run.

“In Lagos for example where 90% of the adverts come from, the terrestrial stations are still on and as such, advertisers deal more with them. So we want the NBC to switch on and at the same time find a way to shut down the analogue stations so that there would be fairness to those who have complied and migrated,” Mr. Tijani explained.

Nigeria had previously launched the pilot scheme in the city of Jos and Abuja, now Kaduna and more cities to follow.

Source: VON

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