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Capitec Bank, the second-largest retail bank in South Africa has approximately up to fourteen million customers. Seven million among these are active on their online banking platform. Capitec bank universal bank code shouldn’t be something new to the active users of the Capitec online banking platform. You don’t know about the Capitec bank universal code or how it works? you’ve got no reason to worry. In this article, we will be giving you all the needed information about Capitec branch codes, the universal code, and how they can be used.

What is the Capitec Branch Code and What can it be used for?  

This is a set of six-digit unique numbers used to make a secure money transfer into a preferred destination. All banks in South Africa possess a special universal branch code. The invention of bank codes has eradicated the difficulty and inaccuracy faced by customers when attempting online banking. It is important to know your bank code as a customer of any South African bank because it makes your banking easy.

Does Capitec have a Branch Code?

In opposite to other banks in South Africa who have distinct branch codes as a means of identity for each branch, Capitech Bank uses a universal code which serves as the means of identity to all their branches. Making it easier for their 14 million customers as all they have to do is to know just this one unique code to perform their online transactions.

Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code

The Capitec Universal Branch code is 470 010. Since Capitec Bank does not have a different branch code for each of their branches, the universal code serves as the branch code. The six digits numbers can be used to make monetary transactions anywhere in South Africa. Capitec Bank customers do not have to worry about knowing different branch codes for different bank locations.

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Capitec Branch Code by City Locator

The Capitec branch code locator can help you find your Capitec branch code by city.

Capitec is best at making banking less difficult for its customers. To help customers locate a particular branch or ATM, Capitec has a Capitec branch locator. And the branch locator is very simple to use.

How to use the Capitec Branch Locator

  • Visit their official website
  • Click the menu bar at the top right corner of the home page
  • Click on quick info
  • Click on ‘Find a Branch’
  • Turn on your phone’s location and click on the blue ‘Nearest’ button.
  • Filter out the search
  • Click on ‘Find’