Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin’s return to Camp Nou in the summer would be “very difficult”, Barcelona sporting director Robert Fernandez has told El Mundo Deportivo.

It was recently spotlighted in the media the key target the 22-year-old Bellerin has become in recent times.

Fernandez revealed the possibility of signing Hector, who joined Arsenal in 2011 from the youth team, admitting that he has good playing skill.

“He is well known. He is playing at a great level but there are also other players that have good characteristics.”

Nevertheless, Fernandez acknowledged that talks to win over players like Bellerin, Paulo Dybala of Juventus, and Marco Verratti of PSG would be very challenging.

“Those players are under contract with their respective clubs,” he said. “And especially when a player has a long-term contract, it’s very difficult.

“We are open to bringing reinforcements, to sign a player, and always have in mind the idea of improving the team, but to improve Barcelona’s team, especially our first team, it’s very difficult because we have a magnificent side.

“We have to give value to what we have.”

Already, Bellerin has played 27 games for Arsenal in all competitions and initiated a new six-year deal with the club in November.

The Spain international player recently declared he was “flattered” by report that Barca was showing interest in him and this, he thought, could be a possibility one day.

Barca’s major concern is engage Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta with new contracts, as their current deals come to an end in June next year.

Fernandez is very certain that with the ongoing negotiations, fans should be rest-assured both players would be retained.

“It’s a process and it takes time,” Fernandez said. “In the past there were doubts regarding other players when it came to contract extensions, and they all signed new deals.

“Leo will be with us for many years — I have never doubted that. Andres is a magnificent professional. He has a lot of football left to give us.”

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