History was made when an Australian senator became the first woman to nurse her baby in the nation’s parliament.


Greens’ senator Larissa Waters resumed from maternity for the first time since she gave birth to her second child and brought her into the chamber for feeding while a vote is ongoing.


“So proud that my daughter Alia is the first baby to be breastfed in the federal Parliament! We need more #women & parents in Parli,” her twitter page read.
The recent law in Australia was introduced last year to allow for a family friendly” parliament since the ”baby boom” trend among politicians is on the increase. This is different under the previous rule, where children were prohibited.



“In 2003 Kirstie Marshall, a Victorian MP, was ejected from state parliament for breastfeeding her 11-day old baby girl,” Waters recalled.


“Sometimes it’s difficult not to get disheartened by the sexism women still face in the workplace. But sometimes it pays to look back and see how far we have come.”


Breastfeeding in public is a very contentious issue in many climes, an action which subject female lawmakers to criticism for bringing in their babies into parliamentary sessions.


Reports had it that in the previous year, a politician in Iceland commented in parliament at the time she was breastfeeding her baby daughter. Same is the situation in European and Spanish parliaments, where infants are allowed.


According to Labor frontbencher Katy Gallagher, she said the moment deserved to be approved.

“Women have been doing it in parliaments around the world… It is great to see it is able to occur now in the Senate.”


“Women are going to continue to have babies and if they want to do their job and be at work and look after their baby… the reality is we are going to have to accommodate that.” She said.


Displaying recent development, Waters changed her Facebook profile to reflect herself breastfeeding in parliament, an act causing dozens of mostly positive reactions.


“Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture and helping to normalize breastfeeding in our society!” a response from a user read.


So was this from another user: “yessss, you are such a legend. thanks for being such a strong, groundbreaking woman.”

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