Love and romance-related items such as aphrodisiacs, chocolates, and lingeries are selling fast in Lagos two days to the universally acclaimed lovers’ day, The News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Valentines’ day is celebrated every 14th of February as a day of love is characterized by the exchange of gifts amongst lovers and celebration of romantic love.

Some people give gifts of cards, chocolates, flowers, perfumes, clothing, etc to their spouses or partners as an expression of love. While others go on romantic getaways to celebrate the day.

According to merchants in shops and malls in Lagos, top-selling items for Valentine’s Day include aphrodisiacs, flowers, chocolates, candy, lingerie, perfumes, champagne or sparkling wine.

Speaking to NAN, Mrs Kemi Ayegbajeje, Chief Executive Officer, Fareedahs Desire, Lekki, said that the company was offering 30 percent discounts on all its aphrodisiac products in a bid to promote love and healthy relationship.

“Our various range of products from the sex sweetener, virginal tightener to the libido booster, has been a hit among men and women. In fact, since the beginning of this month, we have restocked like three times.

“The world has moved away from overly prim and proper women. Most men do not even like it; mutual sexual satisfaction is the ultimate goal of most couples. Many married women are now conscious of the wonders of aphrodisiac made from local herbs and roots to enhance their sexual performance, heighten their partner’s pleasure and ensure marital stability.

“Even some of my friends in the same line of business as mine are excited with the sales boom we have been enjoying. Sexual mastery and satisfaction is a serious money-making venture,” she said.

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