Two Indians, abducted last month from Benue state of Nigeria, were released today.


“Mr Mangapudi Srinivas and  Mr Kaushal Anish Sharma, who were kidnapped in the morning of 29 June from an area called Boko, near Makurdi in Benue state of Nigeria, were released today morning at 1030 hrs IST.

Both have spoken to their families. Sharma’s wife profusely thanked the External Affairs Minister for ensuring safe release. She also thanked the Ministry and the Mission for keeping the family informed of developments almost on daily basis.

The duo – Srinivas (from Andhara Pradesh) and his colleague Sharma (from Karnataka)- were travelling to Dangote Cement Plc Plant in a car from their residential quarters when a group of armed men had abducted them at a traffic signal.

Swarup had earlier said that “as far as our information goes there is no hand of terror group Boko Haram and it seems local criminal elements were responsible for the act”.

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