A Federal Medical Centre gynaecologist in Yenagoa, Dr Omuku Samuel, has allayed fear that women in menopause cannot bear children, an earlier position conceived due to traditional belief, but now made possible with the Invitro-Fertilization.

Samuel expatiated Wednesday that the sex hormone, oestrogen, lost in such women could be restored by medical means to enable them become healthy and strong to bear children again.

“The IVF process is not difficult. It is normally carried out with the help of doctors.

“The process is by joining the female and male sperms together; this can help the persons to have many kids as they want.

“Menopause does not start suddenly, it occurs gradually and it can take up to five years before it can be noticed.

“Menopause starts between the ages of 45 and 55 in a woman. Yes, there are some components that make the woman look younger like the oestrogen hormones.

“Once a woman lacks such component, her breast and vagina become dry.

“It is the oestrogen that maintains the woman’s private part; signs of menopause include waist and back pain, heat and hot flashes.

“I am advising women with menopause not to lose hope because IVF can make them reproduce children again. She said.

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