The latest beauty trend to hit the streets is super long acrylic nails. Celebrities such as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj helped shoot the trend to popularity and now many young women across the world have started competing about who has the longest and most bizarre nails. While a lot of people fell in love with the trend, not everyone thinks it is practical or hygienic.

In an attempt to prove to people that she can still work with her super long nails, a young lady shared a clip of herself eating with her 7-inch long nails – unsurprisingly, many people still bashed her in the comment section.

Nailed it? Woman shares clip of herself eating with super long nails

Over the years many beauty trends have come and gone. One that hopefully won’t stay too long is these super long artificial nails that young women have started wearing.

While the nails are often criticised by social media users – men in particular – women have gone to great lengths to prove that they can function pretty well with unbelievably long nails.

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One young lady, @iamsandra_akua, shared a video on her TikTok of herself eating creamy pasta after one of her followers asked her how she manages.

In the clip, she manages to eat a banana before grabbing her fork and eating her pasta with surprising ease.

The clip was reshared to Instagram by a page with the handle @krakshq where it got a number of comments from social media users who were thoroughly disgusted.

Netizens still aren’t impressed

While she could clearly eat with the nails, many still did not approve.


“Is she okay?”


“This is not even cute in any way.”


“This is so dirty.”

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