A US woman has been making big bank selling the most bizarre things one can think of. Rebekka Blue has been making headlines all over the world after revealing that she sells items like armpit hair and used earbuds.

According to Rebekka, her service brings her customers great pleasure – even if it does seem extremely gross and bizarre to thousands of people who have listened to her story.

Rebekka sells toenails and armpit hair for thousands

Over time, we have heard of people selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

28-year-old Rebekka Blue – who describes herself as a serial entrepreneur – may just take the cake as the person who sells the most bizarre stuff in the world at the most bizarre prices ever.

Toenails, used underwear, dirty earbuds, used bath water, contraceptive coils, and armpit hair are all on her inventory and sell for thousands.

She even sells her dirty clothes.

“If I’m in the mood for a new wardrobe, I can sell my dirty clothes to get new items. I offer a selling service that brings pleasure and makes the buyers feel good in a safe environment.”

Mentally draining

Rebekka explains that what she does is therapeutic and very satisfying  to her clients but often puts a strain on her own mental health:

“There are always late nights, but it is always exciting and fun. However, sometimes it can be a strain on your mental health as it’s like being a therapist. I am selling an experience beyond clothing and other items.”

According to News24, she revealed that she makes up to R160 000 every month selling these items to eager customers who don’t mind forking out big bucks to own the things usually discarded by people.

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