By Paul Nwabuikwu

Joyless critics should shut up their envious mouths!

The “Marijuana Strategy” just articulated by frontline presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore is the long-awaited game changer that will simultaneously boost national happiness and enhance economic development.

The man deserves commendation, not condemnation for identifying the yawning gap in the country’s economic plans and revenue projections over the past 58 years of economic illiteracy: failure to export “Igbo”.

His Strategy is the ultimate knock-out punch from which poverty and its side-kick – depression – will never recover. In fact, they may not even reincarnate.

Future generations will certainly find Sowore’s immortal words inscribed on marble billboards: “When I become President, I will not only legalize Igbo (Weed/Marijuana) but I’ll also make sure that Nigeria exports it to other countries… Ekiti State grows some of the best weed in the world”.

The aspirant’s confident endorsement of the premium Ekiti product also demonstrates the important role of evidence-based research in successful leadership. Great leaders lead from the front.

I humbly suggest two critical additions to the Sowore platform:
1. a constitutional amendment to put a marijuana leaf into the beak of the Eagle on the Coat of Arms. After 58 years of unpensioned service, the illustrious bird deserves some joy too.

  1. The adoption of a relevant line in Bob Marley’s sleepy hit, “Kaya” as theme music for the Sowore campaign: “I feel so high, I even touch the sky”.

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