By Paul Nwabuikwu

In the course of articulating his game-changing strategy for the export of marijuana to boost national revenues and combat mass poverty, frontline presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore issued a ringing endorsement of Ekiti weed as “the best in the world.”

Now the innovative proposal is facing a backlash as unhappy Nigerians from other parts of the country are challenging the aspirant’s categorical declaration for which he did not support with any proof.
Some have alleged that the aspirant’s opinion may be clouded by the smoke from his personal preference.

However, this platform cannot at this point independently confirm if there is any truth in this allegation.

Some of the strongest complaints have come supporters of product from the Kwale area of Delta State which seems to have a well earned underground reputation for its quality.

According to a correspondent: “In Abi, Kwale in Delta State, it’s called Abi-grass because of its wide cultivation, use and ‘export’. Law enforcers on assignment to arrest and arraign are easily ‘converted’…”

Additional reinforcement for the Kwale case was provided by another respondent who described Sowore’s position as patently unfair: “I am a bit worried that Sowore is sowing very wrong seeds in the minds of people. He should be stopped.

Everyone knows that Kwale weed na die. How Ekiti com enter the matter? This is a misconception.”

Yet another contributor observed that Sowore’s statement is further evidence of efforts by powerful forces to marginalize the South-South further by denying the region deserved credit for its preeminence in this important sector of the national economy: “Why is he ‘marginalising’ the South-South so early in his campaign ke?! It is on record that Warri weed and Benin Igbo are the top contenders in the quality cannabis market! Imagine! Ekiti kor, Ekiti ni!!!”

Another Nigerian advised the candidate to be more open-minded and appreciate that marijuana is not the only innovative product that can contribute to Nigeria’s economic renaissance: “What manner of president is Sowore? Wondering why he didn’t include Kai Kai from South-south, burukutu from Northcentral, palm wine from Southeast as prime exports.”

Nigerians are breathlessly awaiting the Sowore campaign’s response to these headwinds against it’s “marijuana strategy” – so far the most high profile and most original idea from any presidential aspirant.

The expectation is that it will move quickly to douse frayed tempers and confirm that its platform is wide enough to accommodate other varieties of marijuana as part of its overall strategy in pursuit of the comprehensive socio-economic development of the country.

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