This is trending for a youth empowerment event happening live in Kaduna. The attendees are tweeting about it…one said, “day 2 of @YouthEmpowerdNG Skills and Learning Event in Kaduna and it’s been very educative, insightful and inspiring”… Another one said, “#YouthEmpoweredNG interesting and engaging…”


Nigerians are reacting seriously to this trend of police brutality… Some are saying enough is enough, they should free us… Some are even saying that changing SARS name doesn’t even change anything, its just the same thing as when NEPA changed their name too, it didn’t bring any change; So the government should find something to do about it, and stop the police from harassing everybody…


This trend is about heavy rainfall in Abuja right now. Nigerians are reacting by relating it to political happenings in the country. Somebody tweeted that the US Embassy has suspended consular services in Abuja, saying, “you see what Oshio has caused now…Na small small, war dey start”. Another Nigerian said that, “It’s rainfall day in Nigerian capital ABUJA, the lightening & thunder now in Abuja was something.” Whoosh! Be safe out there guys…


It’s just about the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo in Zamfara State, North Western Nigeria… And the Acting President Osinbajo commissioned water project and a hospital in Zamfara. He also went around the state to hail the people of the state…There’s no mixed feelings as people are just tweeting about him being a selfless and humble person…


It’s about the face-off between Oshiomhole and Saraki. There’s a mixed reaction about it. Some are supporting Oshiomhole while others are supporting Saraki…One reacted by saying “can Oshiomhole tame Saraki with his conditions?”… Another tweeted by saying “Undoubtedly, Bukola Saraki has met his match in Adams Oshiomhole APC WILL remove Bukola Saraki from the Senate Presidency when the Senate resumes APC will NOT allow Saraki to return to the Senate in 2019 If Saraki returns to the Senate in 2019, he’ll be an ORDINARY member! Watch!…”

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