As issues, events and people keep happening in the world around us, Twitter serves as a first-hand introduction and appraisal of the events and an avenue to feel the nerve of the general reactions and dispositions to any news, event, or happening in real-time.

So what are Nigerians talking about today on Twitter or like they say in Twitter parlance, what are we angry about today? Here is a rundown of Wednesday (August 8, 2018) evening’s trends:


People are seriously reacting to this issue because some are saying that, there’s no way Bukola Saraki won’t shine, no matter what he is going through, that he’s the man of the moment… Another reaction is that people shouldn’t joke with somebody like Bukola Saraki because, people like them are always the smartest people, that he knows what he’s doing and this world press conference is just a format. Another said, he’s so sure that Bukola Saraki is after one thing which is 2018 electoral act amendment, he advised him to resign or join the coup in impeaching the president…


The MD, Mr. Obaro, Peter Rufai and COO media vision Jimmy Sogbesan unveiling the new trophy for #2018RC3… There’s going to be an opening novelty match between Unilag and Yabatech football team to kickstart the #2018RC3 game… Alaga Ibile @IamReminisce will be at the game show too, to perform on Sunday at Yabatech sports pavilion.

Bukola Saraki

It is kind of funny because some people are actually making jokes out of Bukola Saraki, some are saying that if you look closely, you will see that Saraki doesn’t open both eyes, that shows he’s one of the Illuminati… Some people are saying he is the invincibly indomitable Lion, that nobody can deal with… Some are saying he’s fit to be the president if he had stayed in APC because they are certain he will beat Buhari in the election and he’s an astute politician… Some are posting pictures of him sitting on a throne.

Senate President

One tweet said that the greatest response of the year award should be given to Saraki as he was asked ‘’if asked to step down, will he? His response was I wasn’t given this position, I was elected… He furthermore by saying, the response was classic and matured… Another person said he liked the way he answered a question by saying he didn’t defect from APC, he’s just tired of associating with irresponsible people, he said the man has ways of answering questions…


It is the latest song in town and people are commending the artist for a job well done… One said, it has been on repeat on his playlist since morning… Another said, this is the kind of artist that we want in Nigeria and not some quack musicians… Some are already tagging themselves #teamtoosweet and #teamgoodmusic… Asking anybody that hasn’t listened to the music to go download it and listen to it… The artist name is Edibiri josh. It seems like a paid for trend using influencers.

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