President Muhammadu Buhari did not spare members of the national assembly whom he tagged as being unproductive.

Buhari made this comment while hosting the Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) at the presidential villa on Tuesday.

“Let anybody come and confront me publicly in the National Assembly. What have they been doing? Some of them have been there for 10 years. What have they been doing?” he asked.

He added; “so really this country luckily for me I said it about eight years that we have no other country than Nigeria, we should remain here and salvage it together no matter what you have outside.”

Speaking on the failure of the legislative house on checkmating the excesses of the previous governments, Buhari said he had to run to Godwin Emefiele, governor of Nigeria’s apex bank, to seek clarity on the country’s financial issue, when he learnt that previous governments had not saved, rather left debt.

“I have to repeat what I want the public to know here. Some of you may not have heard it. Either there is no power in your place or you have not even seen it on television. I said and I challenge anybody to check from Europe, Asia and America.

“Between 1999 and 2014, Nigeria was getting 2.1 million barrels per day and average cost of $100 per barrel. It went up to $143. So Nigeria was earning 2.1 million multiply by 100, multiply by 16 years, seven days a week. When we came, it collapsed to $37 – $38 and it was oscillating between $40 and $54 sometimes. I went to the Governor of Central Bank, thank goodness I did not sack him, he is still there. I went with my cap in my hand. He said there was no savings, only debt.”

Buhari also raised concerns over people whom ill-gotten properties were traced to but denied owning them.

“Now we got some of the people with houses here, some in Abuja or somewhere in America and Europe, some of them swear to God that it doesn’t belong to them. But their accounts, through the banks, through their companies, it is clear it belongs to own. But they say it’s not their own.

“This is a terrible time and the people are saying what are we doing? Why can’t you lock them up? And again I went on telling them what I said when I was in uniform, younger and rather ruthless, I got from the President downward locked up in Kirikiri and I said you’re guilty except you prove yourselves innocent. I myself was locked up and those who misappropriated public funds were given back what they had taken away.”

While asking for God’s help, Buhari said he would bring the country back to its senses.

“Since we all believe that God works in our hearts, not in our talking. God help us, God help our children and grandchildren. We will try as much as we can to work and bring this country to her senses. God has given Nigeria everything; we are rich in human and material resources, let us keep praying to God that He should put people of conscience in charge at all levels.”

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