It boils down to the fact that you’re tired of standing in long queues to pay for your Dstv subscription every month.

You may avoid standing in long queues at supermarkets such as Pick n Pay and Shoprite by paying your Dstv bill through one of the most effective and speedy options available today.

The outcome is that paying for your Dstv subscription will no longer necessitate leaving your home.

You may make your life easier by taking advantage of one of the handy Dstv payment methods listed below.

1. Pay Your DStv South Africa Using A Debit Order

When it comes to making payments for any account in South Africa, debit order payment is the most easy and trustworthy option.

Payment for your Dstv subscription may be done by a debit order, which ensures that you are always up to current with your bills.

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Because of this technique, you will be able to concentrate on other important chores rather than worrying about whether or not your television shows will be interrupted – which is really convenient.

Create a debit order for your monthly Dstv subscriptions online by logging into the website’s self-service section. It is possible to manage your Dstv debit orders with this service if you bank with one of the top five main banks in the United States of America.

2. Pay Your DStv South Africa Using Capitec Bank

When you bank with Capitec Bank, you have the option of making an instant Dstv payment. The following processes must be followed in order to make a Dstv payment through Capitec.

Dstv may be paid via the Capitec App or internet banking if you have identified them as a beneficiary in your Capitec account. To do so, log into your Capitec account and choose Dstv as a beneficiary.

What is the most enjoyable aspect?

Dstv receives your monthly payment on time, allowing you to begin viewing your favorite episodes and series as soon as they are released.

How To Make Instant DStv Payments With Capitec Bank

  1. Choose Transact
  2. Choose Payments
  3. Enter your secret Remote PIN to sign in
  4. Choose Add Beneficiary at the bottom of the screen
  5. Choose Capitec-registered
  6. Enter DStv
  7. Choose the correct account (Box Office DStv or Multichoice DStv)
  8. Enter your DStv account number
  9. Choose Next
  10. Enter the correct amount
  11. Choose Pay
  12. Enter your secret Remote PIN to confirm
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3. Pay Your DStv South Africa Using Nedbank

It is possible to pay for your Dstv subscription and BoxOffice subscription in real time by using the Nedbank My eBills system, which is available through Nedbank.

The payment of accounts may be accomplished in three easy stages. To put it another way, login -> subscribe -> payment.

My eBillz is the quickest and most convenient way to pay your Dstv invoice.

How To Make DSTV Payments Via Nedbank

  1. Nedbank App Download/Login into the Nedbank Africa App and follow the instructions below.
  2. Login
  3. Click on the “Buy” icon
  4. Select “Bill Payment”
  5. Select “Add New Bill Beneficiary”
  6. Select “DStv” or “BoxOffice” under the “Biller Tab”
  7. Enter your account number
  8. Enter your package amount e.g. $509
  9. Confirm your details
  10. Make Payment


4. Supermarkets Accept Cash Payments

It is possible to save time and money by paying for your Dstv monthly subscriptions at the same time when shopping at any of the participating supermarkets listed below: Pep, Pick & Pay, Shoprite, Ackermans, Spar, and Checkers.

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All you have to do is go to the money market and make a payment for your Dstv account using your unique customer number or identification.

Alternatively, you can pay at any of your local businesses that have Flash or Kazang point of sale machines as an alternative to paying at one of the large supermarkets listed above.

5. Pay Your DStv South Africa Subscription Using Standard Bank

Making Dstv a beneficiary is the same as making Dstv a beneficiary when setting up payments for Dstv with Capitec, therefore there is no difference.

If, on the other hand, you pay Dstv through Standard Bank, you must choose MultiChoice as your beneficiary. Begin making payments for your Dstv subscriptions from wherever you are and at any time of day or night you like.

Alternatively, you may set up recurring payments or debit orders to guarantee that payments are never forgotten. Check out Standard Bank’s self-service page for more information on how to manage all of your accounts, as well as extra information on how to manage your accounts.