Cape Town, South Africa – On Wednesday afternoon, demonstrators broke into the Pick n Pay store in Observatory, pulling Clover items off the shelves.

They also called on customers to boycott the company’s products. Some people put stickers on the items that said “#BoycottClover, NationalizeCloverUnderWorkersControl, WorkersNeedWayBetter #StopMilkingWorkers.”

Other leaflets read, “Stand in sympathy with striking employees and the people of Palestine,” with the words “Do not buy Clover goods” written in bold and plastered on the aisle and fridges adjacent to Clover items.

The protest’s co-ordinator, Abeeda Adams, stated that they were not against the business, but rather against Clover: “Unfortunately, the store distributes Clover products.”

Protesters attacked Pick & Pay in Observatory, calling for a boycott of Clover goods. They loaded carts with Clover items and placed labels on them, urging customers to boycott Clover.

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