A Police Clearance Certificate is an important document that states if a criminal charge has been recorded against an Individual.

When do you need a Police Clearance Certificate?

  • You Want to Emigrate.
  • Seeking permanent foreign residency.
  • Want a work foreign permit.
  • Certain Visa applications.
  • Certain types of occupations and studying abroad.

How To Get An Urgent Police Clearance Certificate

You would need the documents listed below to get your Police Clearance Certificate In South Africa.

  1. A copy of your ID or passport as proof of your identity
  2. Completed application form which you can download from the SAPS website
  3. If you are married recently check the box for married and attach your marriage certificate.
  4. The procedure requires your fingerprint samples to be taken. Usually, if you were in the country this could be easily taken on a SAPS 91(a) form, which is done by the South African Police Service. However, those living abroad can have their fingerprints taken at the South African embassy in their country of residence. The prints can be taken on the legal fingerprint forms of the country in question, or on SAPS 91(a) forms if available. Please go to the South African embassy, or go to any police station in your country of residence and request assistance in getting your thumbprints done.
  5. You are required to pay a non-refundable fee of R150 but ensure you confirm the prevailing rates as the cost is subject to change. If you are making the application from within South Africa you can pay in cash at the police station during the application. Otherwise, you can make the payment electronically to the SAPS’ account in reference to the National Commissioner of the SAPS.
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