The landing of a small plane as a result of an emergency on a beach at Costa da Caparica in Portugal has led to the death of two people, an 8-year-old girl and a 56-year-old man. The two victims are not related, according to report by the Portuguese National Maritime Authority on Wednesday.

Commander Jose Isabel of the Portuguese Maritime Police reported that the plane was a training plane and had two men on board, an instructor and a pilot, who were conducting a navigational training.

The emergency landing of the plane, caught the two victims by surprise and the effect it had on them couldn’t have been avoided, an official stated.

A commander in the Portuguese Maritime Police, Jose Isabel, stated that a teenage girl was also slightly injured in the process of dodging the plane. All the victims were all Portuguese.

The instructor and a pilot, who were on board were not harmed and the reason behind the emergency landing is yet to be known.  The victims involved in the accident are yet to be identified.

A prosecutor will be speaking to the pilot and instructor today at the Portuguese Public Ministry, Isabel stated.

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