“South Africa” has been trending on twitter as there is a lot of reactions followed the news that the country is officially in a recession.

A South African tweeted angrily that, “can anyone balance me here? We are now being told South Africa is in a #recession for the first time since 2009. Kanti wasn’t South Africa in a recession last year also or the year before? Guys, they are fucken dribbling us. We are being taken for a poes of a dog. They lied to us.”

Another user reacted thus, Cyril Ramaphosa is killing South Africa. – VAT increase – Petrol price increases – & now a #Recession I miss President Jacob Zuma, to be honest.

This user is trying to fight on behalf of the president by tweeting that, “can I blame Cyril Ramaphosa for South Africa’s being in a #Recession? Absolutely NOT. 9 bloody years of economy destruction and you expect it to be improved in 6 good damn months? You are fucking kidding me. Ramaphosa is definitely not Superman. I am not his ultimate fan.”

Another user tweeted his solution: “South Africa needs fresh ideas from young and innovative people. The ANC and Tumour Mina brigades have no clue on how to turn South Africa around.”

Another user further explained that “the second quarter contraction in South Africa’s agricultural economy is largely due to tail-end effects of Western Cape drought and delayed summer crop harvests. It’s all Nature, not policy effects at this stage, folks!”

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