This trend is causing a lot of mixed reactions on twitter right now, as some die-hard fans of Messi are currently ranting why their football star isn’t nominated and why Salah of all people, should be nominated.

One twitter user tweeted that, “why isn’t Messi shortlisted for the Best Award? And why is Ronaldo going to win it again when he wasn’t even the best player this year? FIFA is a Joke”

Another reacted by tweeting, “pls FIFA tell me what did Salah better than Messi in the season to be on that final selection??? and another one, this is the award for the best player or for the champions finalist?”

One user also tweeted, “just seen that Kasper Schmeichel has been nominated for the FIFA best GK of the year and yet David De Gea hasn’t. I’ll have some of whatever the people at the FIFA HQ have been smoking.”

Another reaction from a die-hard fan, “I agree with Modric and Cristiano, but Salah instead of Messi… WTF FIFA! I’m telling you Messi has been so consistent that they’ve become bored of his greatness.”

Another agreed to what his fellow twitter user tweeted, “Agreed. Modric and Cristiano weren’t better than Messi either. Maybe FIFA has some high standards for the GOAT.”

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