Randolph Severn Parker III is an American actor, animator, writer, producer, director, and composer. Trey Parker net worth of roughly $600 million is acquired through tremendous years of hard work. He is widely known and called by his name Trey Parker. It is believed that he wrote his first drama when he was just 11 years old. He also have been said to have written his first musical at the age of fifteen years.

Full Name Randolph Severn Parker III
Professional Name Tray Parker
Date of Birth October 19, 1969
Gender Male
Marital Status Divorced
Career Actor, Animator, Writer, Producer, director and Composer
Ricky Gervais Net worth  $600 Million

Early Life

Randolph Severn Parker III otherwise known as Tray Parker was born on October 19, 1969 to a geologist father. and saleswoman mother. Though he was a shy child but that did not stop him from dreaming big as he had always have eyes for film and music.

In the sixth grade, Parker wrote a sketch titled The Dentist and appeared in his school’s talent show where he played the dentist and had a friend play the patient. The plot involved what can go wrong at the dentist. He was 14 years old when he started making short films on weekend with his friends with the camera his father gave to him, and Tray keeps recording with his friends until their graduation.

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At a teenage age, Tray who was 17 years old decided to pursue music, but only comedy-centered songs.

After graduating high school in 1988, Parker decided to join Berklee College of Music for a semester. Tray transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder to film class. In the course of his study he met Matt Stone who would later be his life long associate.

Career Success

Tray Parker full fledge career started in 1992 when he founded a production company named the Avenging Conscience, with his friend Matt Stone. Meanwhile, in 1992, the same year, they produced their first work, Jesus vs. Frosty. The short animation of pit the religious figures against Frosty the Snowman.

Parker and Stone reworked the short in 1995, and the second version became one of the Internet’s first viral films the video became a huge sensation reaching a wide range of audience. Starting form the early 2000s, Trey Parker net worth has been gaining momentum, likewise his fame and prominence.

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The network Comedy Central produce a half-hour program based on the short in 1997.
Although when Tray Parker also started out, he was not looking to increase his on net worth.

Parker and Stone co-wrote the popular South Park series in the early episodes, Parker later took over the writing duties of the main script and voiced many of the characters.

Career Highlight

Trey Parker Award

One of the success  Parker enjoyed was due to the “Book of Mormon” written by him. Meanwhile it has so far earned five hundred million dollars, of which two hundred million dollars are with him. He and his partner, Matt Stone were targeted by the right wing during the creation of South Park.

South Park was debuted on August 13, 1997 and immediately gained popularity all over the world.

The absurd twists, sometimes profanity, and a biased approach to adult themes, contributed to the critical attention, and censorship from critics and religious organization.

Some of the his best work are below;

  • Jesus vs. Frosty (1992): Director, writer, voice actor, producer.
  • Cannibal! The Musical (1993): Director, writer, actor, producer.
  • Jesus vs. Santa (1995): Director, writer, voice actor.
  • Your Studio and You (1995): Director.
  • Orgazmo (1997): Director, actor, writer, producer, editor.
  • South Park (Television series, 1997–present): Co-creator, voice actor, executive producer.
  • BASEketball (1998): Actor.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999): Director, voice actor, writer, producer, music co-composer.
  • Team America: World Police (2004): Director.
  • Kenny vs. Spenny (2007): Executive producer.
  • Saul of the Mole Men (2007): Voice actor
  • The Book of Mormon (Broadway musical theater, 2011): Producer, writer, director, music.
  • Despicable Me 3 (2017)
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Tre Parker net worth allowed him a place among the richest 1 percent in the word according to bloomberg

Trey Parker Net Worth

Success comes with a lot of packages and one of this is, increase in net worth and Parkers case was not a different. Trey Parker net worth is estimated to be $600 million. Trey Parker earns an estimated salary of $50 Million per Year while he have a monthly income and salary of $4 million.

This, in other word has put him in a comfortable spot on the list of world richest comedians.

Trey Parker’s net worth will keep increasing deals and royalties from his past works.


Many people don’t enjoy such success and, growing popularity, huge net worth, surely his hard work and persistence even in failure has made him better and successful.



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