A lot of individuals are inquiring how to transfer money from Capitec to FNB. It’s possible that most people don’t understand how cash transfer works, or that they simply enjoy the Capitec interface since it’s unique. Capitec’s e-wallet, how to reverse money transfers using the bank’s system, and if Capitec cash send is trustworthy are often asked questions. Capitec has a great reputation in South Africa for providing high-quality banking services, and it is because of this that the bank has had the highest growth in that country.

Capitec Bank’s outstanding banking services include online banking, Capitec Banking App, and other ways to transfer funds from Capitec Bank to FNB, thus we can state that this is the case. The steps are straightforward.

So that you can easily transfer funds from Capitec to FNB, I’ve explained how you may use multiple banking channels to make the procedure as simple as counting your fingers.

How to Transfer Money from Capitec to FNB

Using cell phone banking

Follow these procedures to transmit money from Capitec to FNB using mobile banking:

To do banking while on the move, simply dial *120*3279# and click send. Dial *130*3279# to top up your airtime if you don’t have any. Re-enter *120*3279# to complete the process.

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You’ll be presented with a menu of alternatives; choose ‘Transact.’

Sending money is as simple as tapping the “send cash” button and entering your PIN.

After that, choose the “From” account. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.

Create a four-digit secret code, and then email it to the person you want to contact. In order to get the money, he will have to input the code.

Capitec Smartphone Banking app

The Capitec app may be used to transfer money to FNB by logging in using your profile information and then selecting “Transact.” The final step is to click “Send money.” At this point, the system will ask you for your remote PIN. After that, you’ll need to decide from which account you’d like to make the transfer.

Next, enter the amount of money you wish to transfer.

After that, you generate a four-digit secret code that you will deliver to the recipient of the money. The individual will have to input the code in order to get the money.

You may enjoy more flexibility and convenience with the Capitec App than you can in a bank branch, thanks to the app’s mobile design and functionality. With this app, you may send money to friends and family members using FNB with the utmost ease and comfort.

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Ewallet Capitec

Using Capitec Bank’s e-wallet, customers may access online banking services via their computer, tablet or smartphone. These services are useful for both making and receiving payments online for both personal and business purposes. E-wallet transactions are a popular method of online banking in South Africa since Capitec is South Africa’s second-largest bank, and it is also South Africa’s fastest-growing bank.

The e-wallet, in addition to protecting one’s money, saves time and effort. Some of the security aspects of the Capitec E-wallet can be highlighted here.

An individual’s Capitec E-wallet is protected against fraud and theft by the Capitec master pass. As with other sensitive information, the E-wallet has stored all user information related to payments in a secure remote location. Aside from ensuring that merchants don’t have access to customers’ private data when they make purchases, encryption also safeguards consumers’ privacy. A breach of the merchant’s servers will not expose the personal information of Capitec customers.

Initiating a transaction triggers the creation of a randomly generated transaction number, which the user will need to complete the transaction. It’s unlikely that a fraudster will be able to access funds using this number because it’s only valid for a brief period of time.


The most intriguing aspect of the Capitec E-wallet is the fact that the account holder may only access the money that has been earmarked for this product. When compared to most other online banking systems, this one does not allow you to transfer as much money as you have in your bank account (often as much as your whole life savings). It is possible to view and access only a specified amount when purchasing something using this Capitec e-wallet, possibly the precise cost of the item you intend to buy.

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Security features such as pattern and fingerprint scanning can be added to Capitec.



You can also keep track of your expenditures using this app, and it will even break it down into subcategories for you, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending on things like food, transportation, and communication, for example.


Money transfers with Capitec are simple. The Capitec bank offers cell phone banking, which allows you to transfer money and pay for goods and services using your cell phone (you can also use your mobile phone if you like). This procedure does not need the usage of an internet connection or data.


This service is free from the bank’s monthly charge. If you’d want to join Capitec, all you have to do is head to your local branch. Please bring your cell phone and your Global One credit card with you.