Discover the Top Medical Aids In South Africa ;

What Is Meant by Medical Aids ?

Medical aid is a form of insurance where you pay a monthly amount – called a contribution or premium – in return for financial cover for medical treatment you may need, as well as any related medical expenses. Which medical aid is best in South Africa? In the 2021 index, Bestmed emerges as the leader on overall customer satisfaction, with all other schemes performing on or below industry par. Based on the customer satisfaction ratings, Bestmed attained a score of 76.7, above the industry par score of 73.5

What is the best most affordable medical aid in South Africa?

Ingwe student plan is the cheapest hospital plan in South Africa. This plan is ideal for students who have no-income but need a Visa and health insurance. For as low as R407 per month, you will get unlimited doctor visits, eye care, dentistry, and specialist visits.

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How do I choose the right medical aid?

8 tips on choosing a medical scheme

  1. Full cover vs. a hospital plan
  2. Check your health
  3. Assess your finances
  4. Check a scheme’s payment record
  5. Check a scheme’s solvency ratio
  6. Scrutinise the table of benefits
  7. See an independent broker
  8. Find out about exclusions

Top 5 Medical Aids In South Africa

Bestmed Medical Scheme

Established in 1964, Bestmed is a non-profit, mutual medical scheme. It has over 200,000 members and boasts a solvency ratio of 31.94%. Bestmed is South Africa’s largest self-administered medical aid scheme. How much is Bestmed monthly? From R1 919 per month. Beat2 Network offers extensive hospital cover (at network private hospitals) as well as access to a savings account for general day-to-day expenses. You pay for a maximum of three children. Any additional children can join as beneficiaries of the Scheme at no additional cost.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme

Discovery Health Medical Scheme gives you complete peace of mind that your healthcare is in good hands at every stage of your health journey. Discovery offers award-winning products – Medical Aid Administration, Car and Life Insurance, Bank Accounts and Investments, all with Vitality rewards. Which is the best discovery medical aid plan? For Discovery, its Classic Saver plan is by far the most popular, with 680,000 beneficiaries (25%) attached to the plan. Half of all Discovery beneficiaries are on a Saver plan, which bundles in medical savings for a higher monthly contribution (a portion of the fee goes into savings) .

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Medical aid cover for you .With Medihelp, you can be assured of best-in-class products combined with exceptional support services to help you make informed . The Medihelp medical aid scheme is one of the top five open medical aid schemes in South Africa, with more than 200,000 members. Medihelp has a consistent AA- Global Credit Rating and a solvency ratio that’s well above industry requirements.

What does Medihelp cover? Day-to-day benefits cover routine medical costs such as doctors’ visits, prescribed medication, dentistry and optometry, either through a savings account or insured benefits.


The BonStart medical aid plan provides unlimited hospital cover at hospitals in the BonStart network, subject to a small co-payment per visit. As a new-generation plan, it also offers unlimited virtual consultations with GPs and nurses. For being the medical aid with the most compliments and least complaints, Bonitas tops the list. It’s also worth noting that Bonitas has a pensioner ratio of only 4.2%, which is low in comparison to other leading medical aid providers. How much is Bonitas medical aid monthly? One needs R1 338 every month to secure any of the plans available

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Momentum Medical Aid

Momentum has the highest score in the industry when it comes to handling complaints satisfactorily. Momentum is a financial services company and provider of healthcare, insurance and investment solutions in SA.

What are the benefits of Momentum medical aid?

  • hospital plans.
  • medical savings account options.
  • day-to-day benefits such as GP visits.
  • chronic medication benefits.
  • a health incentive programme where you can earn up to R3 000 a month back in rewards through HealthReturns+ and HealthSaver+.

Can a person have 2 medical aid?

The short answer is yes, you can. You are allowed to have more than one medical insurance, more than one medical aid cover, or both at the same time. It is perfectly legal.

What happens if you don’t pay medical aid?

You may also be tempted to stop your contributions to save some money as it is for many households their biggest expense. But defaulting or choosing not to pay your contributions means you will lose your private doctor and hospital cover at a time when there is a high risk of falling ill.

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