To be quite honest, TikTok was one of the best things that happened in 2020. It provided a means for many to get over the ‘Rona blues by flooding our feeds with social media challenges and creators expressing themselves through dance, music, and humor, among other things.

As we welcome in the New Year, TikTok is throwing the focus on a group of Nigerian creators that have exceptional abilities and talents that everyone should keep an eye out for in the coming year.

According to TikTok, each of these creators is offering something unique to the site with their work.

Top 10 TikTok Creators In Nigeria 2022

1. A Hidden Animator

You are likely to have seen at least one of @Mark_Kacy’s animated films on social media if you are a Nigerian who uses social media. Mark is an award-winning animator who, despite the widespread distribution of his movies, wishes to remain anonymous, which only adds to the intrigue that has made him so successful on TikTok. Mark has won several awards for his work.

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Because he incorporates audio snippets into his animation, Mark’s animation material is amusing, relevant, and entertaining to watch. Throughout the course of his account’s existence, Mark has amassed over 19 million likes across all of his videos.

2. The African Water Man

After first becoming well-known on TikTok as a comedian who used a variety of identities that he developed for himself, @officialdededuk has changed his focus and has now taken on the role of “African Water Man,” fighting to dispel the myth that “Africans do not have access to water.” Dede has maintained his ability to convey his ideas in a humorous and informative manner while remaining respectful of others’ viewpoints.

3. Meet The Magician

Auwal Marafa, alias @9ja_Tricks, is a professional magician who lives in Nigeria. The Northern Nigerian performs a number of feats in a range of settings and serves as a symbol of TikTok’s ability to link people all over the world.

4. The Energy Goddess

Due to the rapid convergence of culture in Nigeria, certain individuals have risen to the position of arbiters of what is popular and what is not. @JenniFrank29 is one of Nigeria’s most well-known pop culture stars, because of her prominent position on the video-sharing app TikTok.

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She has distinguished herself with a variety of dance routines, pop culture crazes, and duets, and she continues to make gains in the industry while boosting Nigerian content.

5. The Young Up-and-comer

Ashley may be young, but he is poised to be a meme king for many years to come in the social media world. In Nigeria, @AshleyKeno17 is already setting the standard for meme material with his extremely innovative and relevant movies, which are a perfect blend of motion and written language.

6. The Slo-mo Queen

Known for being at the forefront of the latest slo-mo effects craze that has swept over social media, popular video creator @Aji_Anje has risen to international prominence. She has increased her material library to include video reels as well as nostalgia videos, among other things.

7. Positive Vibes Only

@Jhayneey is a makeup artist and dancer who lives in New York City. She is entertaining and creative with all of the trends and challenges she participates in, and she does it without appearing out of touch with her own style.

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8. Some Twin Magic – Twinzloves

Moyin and Doyin are the creators of one of TikTok’s most famous twin accounts in Nigeria, @Twinzloves, which is known for its video pranks and other amusing videos. Their mother appears on a regular basis in their films, and they simply enjoy themselves while providing their 476k followers with an insight into their daily life.

9. The Imitator

No one anticipated the arrival of @Gabbie_Tori. The content producer took everyone off guard when she stormed the platform with her own style of character impersonations, accents, and a personality unlike any other on the internet.

10. Living Her Free Life

The capacity of @Just_Trixx to capture her life without any restrictions is what distinguishes her from the others. She is one of a slew of young Nigerians who have taken TikTok by storm this year, amassing a fan base of more than 50,000 followers in the process.