By Greg Odogwu

The popular On-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze, is a courageous man. Best known for vicious criticism of pastors, his messages are revolutionary. It is not anybody who wakes up in the morning and decides to go against the tide of prevailing societal trend. And, it even gets more hazardous when the wave the person is swimming against is of the religious kind.

Indeed, there was a time in history when any religious mis-practice was anathema. Then, to speak against the belief of the day was as sure as signing one’s death warrant!

Of course, we are in a different era. The tide has turned, and Europe, which once burnt witches and heretics on the stake, is now leading the way to a new world where religion is about to totally lose its grip on the heart of mankind. For Nigeria to be having the Freeze experience means that we are not left behind on the global spiritual evolution joyride. I am all for new knowledge paradigm.

Nevertheless, I pen this piece because my attention was drawn to an open letter from Daddy Freeze to popular Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor, in which the OAP harangued the woman, who is now an avowed born-again Christian, for announcing her decision to close her hair salon and also stop using women artificial hair, because “weaves are dedicated to shrines”.

The specific part of the open letter that caught my attention was where Freeze reminded Ozokwor that in as much as she stopped some so-called “idol-worshipping” practices, there was no way she could end the “real idolatry” which was embedded in the whole Christian religion as a system.

He wrote: “Here is another angle, you stopped wearing weaves and closed your hair salon, but you are going to celebrate the birthday of Nimrod on the 25th of December, a birthdate he shares with almost every single sun deity, and worship ‘Jesus’ on Sunday, the day of the worship of the sun god?”

My knowledge of the power of the sun, both environmentally and spiritually, demands that I comment on Freeze’ argument. The truth is that we live in interesting times. What Daddy Freeze is doing, and saying, in Nigeria is by no means a novelty. A lot of people have put on their thinking cap, and begun asking fundamental questions.

Interestingly, there is a particular pastor in the United States of America, by name Dr Ray Hagins, who went all out, quit the ministry, made a complete U-turn, and began preaching that there was never any historical person known as Jesus Christ because, to him, Jesus never existed; but was rather created by some cabal to control ordinary citizens.

Here is a quote from the former pastor’s treatise entitled ‘The Truth of the Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ’.

“According to publications readily found in Christian bookstores, Jesus Christ DID exist! But, I dare you to go to other books stores! You will find volumes of literature that clearly reveal, logically and intelligently, time and again that Jesus Christ is a mythological character along the same lines as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, Phoenician, Indian or other god-men, who are all presently accepted as myths rather than historical figures.

“My sincere and exhaustive research has shown me that the Jesus character is based upon much older myths and heroes from all over the world. I have found that this story about ‘Jesus Christ’ was invented in the year 325 A.D. at the Nicean Council and did not exist as real person who was (or is) the ‘son of God’”.

It is therefore manifest that a new gospel is slowly emerging over the world’s religious horizon, in Nigeria championed by Daddy Freeze, who already enjoys a growing following in his Free The Sheeple Movement. Any student of history can see the subtle manifestation of collective angst, to be externalised in a cathartic demonisation of organised religion.

Indeed, the mood of the future is encapsulated in Freeze’ unrelenting tweets: “I was once a victim [of so-called false preachers] myself, before I became enlightened in both spirit and scripture. I once allowed someone whom today I find unfit to wash my car, guide me in matters of the spirit…. God called me to rescue Nigeria from unscholarly teachers bereft of the spirit of God.”

But before we swallow the words of the revolutionaries hook, line and sinker, we must realise one scientific truth. The sun is the most potent force in the whole universe. In fact, humanity cannot exist without it, environmentally and spiritually!

Daddy Freeze got it wrong when he tries to condemn born-again idiosyncrasy because Jesus Christ, extrapolated in pagan traditions, is the centre of their worship, the same way the sun is the centre of our world. The truth is that the same way our physical food depends on the sun to come to us; that also is how our spiritual food depends on the sun to reach us.

For the food to be produced, the farmer sows, reaps, then brings it to us. For spiritual food, the farmer also sows, reaps, and then brings to us. The spiritual farmer is the religious founder of any religion – be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Shintoism. The farmer could be Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Enki, Nimrod, name them.

Now, these farmers must plant their seeds according to the dictates of the sun’s movement. It is pure science. For Jesus Christ, he must be born around the time the physical sun is born each year, which is between December 22 and 25. He must have 12 Disciples just like the sun has 12 lunar cycles in the year. One of the lunar cycles will “swallow” the sun – that is Judas Iscariot!

Jesus Christ could not have been a spiritual farmer without the science of weather and climate. The better your situation of the sun’s movements in your agricultural schedules, the better your harvest at the end of the day.

He was an astute farmer, who understands the power of the sun, just like many other god-men in Rome, Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, Arabia, as mentioned by Dr Hagin, and alluded to by Daddy Freeze.

Indubitably, science and religion are in a head-on collision, so our thinkers are fighting hard to change the narrative and present historical figures as mythical legends. This is because of the corruption that has seeped into religion as it had happened in different past epochs, calling for readjustment of the science-religion bond.

There is therefore a need for the re-education of the religious all over the world, so that they do not fall into the trap of following the new preachers off their faith. For Christians, they must tell themselves the scientific truth. Yes, we worship on a Sunday which was dedicated to the sun god. No, we worship our own sun god, Jesus Christ, who is a better farmer than Ra (the Egyptian sun god), Enki (Sumerian god), and so on.

The sun supplies our daily needs, and those that are not nourished by the sun will wither eventually. No matter how you criticise people’s sun, you cannot supply their daily (spiritual) solar needs, unless you are on your way to becoming a sun yourself – which comes with a heavy price!

In fact, time has come for every religion to go back and study the sun-dictated cycles of the evolution of their founders. Every religious founder is a great man, following a solar trail to all-inclusive creative harmony.

After enlightenment, we shall tell ourselves the truth and work together as Earth citizens who are actually on a collective evolution, but on different pathways. With that knowledge, we could have the flexibility to change lanes without any bitter fight or persecution or martyrdom.

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