Dr Tunji Abayomi, a lawyer and two-time governorship contestant in Ondo State, has advised that the debate on the restructuring of Nigeria is not needed as the country has no structure.

He noted that there can’t be something positive or meaningful from the present system of Nigeria.

The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council, Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State in a speech titled: ‘Did our Founding Fathers Dream of a United Nigeria’ said there is nothing to restructure in Nigeria.

“It is a country with structure that can only be restructured,” he said.

Speaking during the 2018 lecture and award programme organised by Frikanwatch Media in Lagos recently, Dr. Abayomi said, “A nation must first have a structure freely negotiated in a binding agreement called a constitution before talking about restructuring. At present, Nigeria is nothing but a geographical expression. This is why the spirit of patriotism or nationalism is considerably weaker than that of ethnic allegiance.”

The legal practitioner said Nigeria could only be restructured when it has a legitimate Constitution negotiated and made by the people for themselves.

According to him, “A constitution freely agreed upon by her people. The present forced and fraudulent 1999 Constitution will never good government, justice, peace or posterity, not because the words are bad but because it lacks legitimacy criteria of freedom, origin and negotiation.”

For the country to move on, he said the clamour for restructuring currently dominating discussions is not the solution. What is required is for the National Assembly to amend our forced false Constitution, which at any rate is neither amendable nor amenable.”

He said the country needs a new constitution.

National President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shetima said those thinking that the forum is supporting the present administration are making mistake.

Shetima, who was represented at the event by his deputy, Muhammed Abubakar said, “it is still in the news that we called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election, so, if we are supporting him, we could have asked him to go for second term but we have no reason to continue to support him.

“Let it be clear to everyone that AYCF is not political, non-religion and nor-tribal body.

“We put some things into consideration when we advised the president not to re-contest; we considered his age, secondly, what is happening in the country and the expectations of Nigerians that have been dashed. Against all odds in 2015, people voted for the President simply because of his character and his integrity.

“The people surrounding Mr. President are not helping matters. What happened to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan is still playing out now.”

Shetima said what Nigerians expected from President Buhari is to hit the nail straight but it appears he is protecting some high profile criminals in the country

The Chairman of the event, Senator Anthony Adefuye said it is important for Nigerians to re-unite against forces of evil in the country. Our founding fathers became heroes because of their relentless efforts to build the country.

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