There are tons of great games out there, but let’s take a look at the best games from last year. Some of these games are still our favorites, and some we have left behind.

These games are perfect when you need a break from school, work, or whatever else is taking up your time. Play a game or two before looking at the World Series predictions and after you are done with work or homework.

Genshin Impact

Okay, technically this is not a game born in 2021, but no one can deny that Genshin Impact has penetrated deep into the international community of what a mobile game refers to. This giant of Chinese production has achieved raising the concept of RPG to spheres that were not considered possible and yielded significant numbers, confirming a resounding success.

With a chorus of completely unique characters, gradually increasing with each update with high content, this odyssey leaves no one indifferent. With a long and interesting story and a gameplay where exploration is the main character, Genshin Impact will continue to wage war in 2022 and in the years to come.

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Marvel Future Fight

Another favorite from last year was Marvel Future Fight where you get the opportunity to meet 200 different Marvel characters, including Spider Man and the rest of your favorite Marvel superheroes. You can create a great team of your own and try to beat the enemies. Team up with different Avengers and X-Men characters in order to maximize your power, strength, and abilities. You may also buy extra gear for the characters to make them even more powerful. This is the perfect game for anyone who wants action and power in the same breath and loves Marvel.


When we thought that innovative ideas and those capable of breaking the pre-established would not come out, Hironobu Sakaguchi emerges from nowhere and, with his background, which includes the creation of the classic and mythical Final Fantasy, brings us Fantastic, the spiritual successor to the said franchise; a turn-based RPG and with the essence we missed so much.

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 Clearly influenced by old Final Fantasy spreads, Fantasian promises an epic journey full of adventure and an old-school story that will make us relive the magical moments of yesteryear.

Pokémon Unite

And once again, Pokémon reaches the top of games, this time for mobile, with a title that, after being born in July this year, has managed to gather millions of players before it became the most played mobile games this year. This would not have been a complete list of the best mobile games in 2021 without this amazing game that we all love.

With a League of Legends style, Pokemon Unite uses a combination of nostalgia and ambition to produce a unique product in the franchise, full of our favorite Pokémon, and become, although no longer a surprise at this point, a candidate to become the best eSports game in the present and the future.

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