Masturbation is likely to become a crime in the forthcoming months in the US state of Texas.

The act called the “Man’s Right to Know Act” ensures that any man who produces or releases semen outside of sex pays $1000 (N360,000).

American politician, Jessica Farrar, has requested the court to ensure that any man who is caught masturbating pays a fine of $1000 (N360,000) if caught in the act.

Farrar who has been actively working on the bill since 2017 insists that this is to save unborn children because masturbating is an “act against an unborn child, failing to preserve the sanctity of life.”

This will also affect Viagra prescriptions, vasectomies and colonoscopies because once passed, men will not be able to sue doctors who do not provide these services especially if it compromises the doctor’s faith.

This bill is coming on the heels of the law on women’s rights passed in 2010. The Woman’s Right to Know Act penalizes women to the sum of $10,000 (N360,000) if they abort a pregnancy close to churches and schools.

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