Telkom data prices are amongst some of the best in SA. Internet service has become an essential part of the human race. The demand for reliable and affordable internet services has been on a constant increase over the years. Telkom is one of the most well-known service providers in South Africa, their services are well known for their affordability no wonder they have the largest subscribers in the country.

The company provides its internet packages based on the time of usage and amount of mobile airtime used for their purchases. Below are some of the mobile packages and the Telkom data prices for these bundles we have compiled:

Telkom Data Prices and Bundles

Below are all of Telkom data prices and the different bundles they offer.

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FreeMe bundles

This well-known package on the Telkom network is loved by many subscribers because it is cheap. You also get Voice call minutes and free SMS bundles when you subscribe to the FreeMe bundles. Its options include:

FreeMe 1.5GB data at R139

FreeMe 6GB data at R289

FreeMe 11.5GB data at R389

FreeMe 28GB data at R689

Social bundles

The Telkom social bundles provide access to all social media platforms. With this bundle, a subscriber can choose to activate a daily, weekly, or monthly plan by dialing *180# to pick an option well suited for you. Its options include:

Daily Social Plan

If you are the type that loves to restrict and monitor the time and data being used on the internet. This 24hour duration bundle might be the best for you. You won’t have to be afraid of paying for or expiration of unused data. Its options include:

  • 25MB at R2
  • 50MB at R3
  • 75MB at R4
  • 100MB at R5
  • 250MB at R10
  • 500MB at R15
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Weekly Social Plan

The weekly social bundles are suited for subscribers that want affordable access to social media. These seven days bundles cost less than the daily bundle because there is a discount on data prices as they get bigger. The available options including the Telkom data prices for this bundle are:

  • 100MB data at R5
  • 250MB data at R8
  • 500MB data at R12
  • 1GB of data at R18
  • 2GB of data at R35 
  • 3GB of data R60

Monthly Social Plan

The monthly social bundle is for subscribers that prefer stability and longevity as they enjoy their month-lasting access to social media. Its options include:

  • 100MB data at R10
  • 250MB data at R15
  • 500MB data at R25
  • 1GB data at R40
  • 2GB  data at R70
  • 3GB data at R100

Telkom LTE Deals

Telkom LTE is for bulk users. A super-fast unlimited and flawless connection that makes a superb internet experience. This package comes with a lot of options from where you can choose depending on affordability. It includes:

  • Wireless 5GB data at R249
  • Wireless 20GB data at R455
  • Wireless 30GB data at R555
  • Wireless 50GB data at R759
  • Wireless 100GB data at 1059
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How to buy Telkom Data

Before following these steps, you should check out the Telkom data prices which we have listed above.

  • By dialing *180# on your mobile phone
  • Log in to your self-service portal and click on the “purchase bundle” option.
  • Visiting the Telkom Stores
  • Download the Telkom mobile app on your phone. Log in to the app and instantly purchase your data package.