The 2018 edition of the foremost Time Management and Productivity Summit in Nigeria organised by IT powerhouse, SB Telecoms, will hold on May 17, 2018, at the Agip Recital Hall of the MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos. The focus this year is on youth engagement and empowerment in corporate and public workplaces a priority as a catalyst for national growth.

The TAMS Productivity Summit started in 2016 as a platform for national discourse about issues and factors that enhance workplace and national productivity. The Summit examines the interrelationship of elements such as time management, employee performance and workforce productivity vis-a-vis their impact on operational efficiency, resource optimisation and service delivery in all sectors of the economy.

In addition to aiding organizations to digitally monitor employee’s timeliness and optimise Human Resource management, the TAMS Summit also celebrates exemplary employees in Nigeria who have consistently exhibited top performance markers in term of productivity and time management, as measured by the TAMS Solutions Software.

Now in its third year of driving the conversation for workplace and national productivity, TAMS Summit 2018 will be conferring the prestigious TAMS Ambassador recognition on top 50 employees out of about 50,000 in over 1200 organisations in Nigeria.

While discussing the rationale for such a large number of awardees, Afolabi Abiodun, the convener of the summit and chief architect of the TAMS workforce management solution, enthused: “Our dream of a Great Nigeria is achievable when we all invest in human capital development by creating a team of change agents. The TAMS Ambassadors are imbued with the change culture where they influence their immediate workplace and the larger community to achieve a Nigeria that truly represents our heritage and our future.”

The theme of the TAMS Summit 2018 is succinctly captured: “Making Nigeria Work: The Imperative of Youth Engagement and Empowerment in Corporate and Public Workplaces.”

Speaking to these issues is an array of experts and social influencers, including Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli of LEAP Africa, Mr. Andrew Gbodume of MRS Oil, Mrs Emily Liggett of Stanford University, Mr Fola Tinubu of Primero, Mr Andrew Hanlon of TVC, and a host of others.

At the centre of this spectacle is the revolutionary Time and Access Management Software (TAMS), an easy to use workforce management tool for SMEs and large corporations alike, with functions such as remittance, appraisal, shift, leave and payroll management at the fingertip.

While highlighting the advantages of the software in the Nigerian contexts, Afolabi Abiodun expatiated, “TAMS has made a positive impact to our client organisations and business owners who have seen a significant rise in employee punctuality and productivity. When we set out to develop a homegrown human resource management solution, it was informed by our commitment to help SMEs achieve their potential, seeing that they employ over 80% of Nigeria’s labour force. A little over five years after we started, we now have over 1200 organisations of all sizes and across all sectors using TAMS to manage their employees through robust modules like attendance, shift and leave management, payroll and so on.”

Commenting on the choice of theme for this year’s summit, Abiodun said, “We chose the theme, ‘Making Nigeria Work: The Imperative of Youth Engagement and Empowerment in Corporate and Public Workplaces’” because of the critical role the bulging youth demography plays in the economic growth of Nigeria. So, we felt that by motivating them to work harder, dream bigger and go further in their careers, we will be setting the tone for the future of our country.”

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