A two-time Senator, Prof. Jibril Aminu, yesterday urged politicians in the country to emulate moral uprightness and good leadership qualities of Late Malam Aminu Kano, the leader of the Talakawas.

The professor who was a minister of petroleum and education, made this call in Kano during the 34th Aminu Kano Annual Memorial Symposium organised by Bayero University.

Reports reaching newsmen had it that late Aminu Kano led the Northern Elements Progressive Union [NEPU] during the first republic and Peoples Redemption Party [PRP] in the second republic.

He was among Nigerian politicians who fought for the country’s independence from Britain.

According to the former minister, many Nigerians, especially those in the political class, who always claim to be disciples of Aminu Kano hardly practice his way of life and leadership style.

“The late politician during his life was blessed with so many wisdom and good leadership qualities worthy of emulation by politicians in order to move the country forward,” he said.

Also, the Vice Chancellor of Bayero University, Prof. Muhammad Yahuza said the event was serves as a reminder to politicians and those in position of authority to be passionate about their responsibilities and discharge their mandate creditably.

He described late Aminu Kano as an upright person, “whose virtues and legacies this symposium extols.

“He was an epitome of moral uprightness, social justice and political emancipation due to his strong convictions in democratic humanism, a political philosophy based on the fundamental ideas of meaningful, dynamic and participatory democracy.

“For Malam Aminu Kano, democracy was a moral issue because it derived from the Islamic concept of moral and material austerity base on strong ethical content,” Yahuza said.

He added that the late politician believed that the poor “Talakawa,” must be truly and genuinely represented at all levels of governance to reflect their yearnings and aspirations.

Yahuza said that the theme of the symposium which was ‘The role of Legislature in Nigeria’s democracy development’ was apt and topical at this time, because the legislature is the most distinctive signpost of democratic governance out of the three arms of government”.

He noted that Nigerians were puzzled at the apparent clash between the red chamber and the Presidency, and noted that it was heating up the polity as the days go by.



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