Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo, has voiced out his opinion about marriage and divorce. The talented singer took to social media to address the issue.

He stated that marriage is for two complete adults and should not be entered into with an incomplete self. He claimed that people are beginning to make divorce look like something cool making marriage look like nothing.

The award-winning artist who got married in 2012 said the following;

“The way people are making divorce look like something cool like your marriage vow means nothing. It makes me wonder what they thought ‘for better for worse’ meant. If you weren’t sure. Why did u go ahead? Don’t give love a bad name. You guys are the problem not that marriage is bad. This shallow and impatience generation. Fix yourself. Marriage is for two complete adults. Don’t enter into it with your incomplete self… Marriage will not make an incomplete person complete… You should come into it prepared and complete. But what do I know? Am I not just a musician?”


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