South Korea President Moon Jae-in’s approval increased all through this week following the rising peace mood in the Korean Peninsula, a weekly poll showed Thursday.

According to the Real meter survey, support for President Moon added 0.2 percentage points over the week, making it a total of 62.9 per cent this week.

Xinhua news agency reported that the result was based on a poll of 1,002 voters. It had 3.1 percentage points in the margin of error with a 95 per cent confidence level.

Moon’s scores were catalysed by the mounting peace mood in the peninsula, caused by United States (US) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit on Sunday to North Korea.

After Pompeo visit to Pyongyang and meeting with the top North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he also travelled to Seoul and met with the South Korean president, saying he shares the view of the North Korean leader to hold the second North Korea-US summit as soon as possible.

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