A well-known American model, Sofia Beverly (born April 26, 1996) is a popular Instagram star.

She was born in Fort Myers, Florida, and is one of the newest and richest Instagram models.

With her constant media use, she has built a large following.


Early Life

A Taurus born on April 26, 1996, Sofia Bevarly is an American citizen and was born in the United States. She likes to keep the specifics of her early life private and hasn’t divulged anything about it to the public.

Sofia Bevarly, who was born into a middle-class family and raised in a very normal environment, has never recalled having any siblings.

On her social media sites, she constantly thanks her parents for their continuous support throughout her life.


She began modeling professionally not long after graduating. As a swimsuit and lingerie model, Sofia Bevarly made her name in the industry in her early years. She’s still doing work for lingerie companies. Sofia garnered Instagram followers after publishing her modeling images on the network.

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She frequently posts images on Instagram, where she has a large following. A former coworker and close friend of Sofia Bevarly’s,

Personal Life

Sofia Bevarly’s present relationship status is a mystery; she is neither married nor engaged. Dan Bilzerian, a social media phenomenon and professional poker player, was her boyfriend at the time.

A professional poker player from the United States, Dan Bilzerian is most known for his freewheeling and colorful lifestyle. Having a look at Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram feed may tell you a lot about him. “Instagram King” is another name for him.

The two originally met under a party tent in 2017 and have been together ever since. In time, the couple developed an affection for one other and started dating. Sixteen years have passed since Sofia Bevarly’s junior year. When she was dating her first partner, the age gap didn’t present any issues.

Whenever they took a vacation, they were often photographed together. There were no images of the pair together even though they were open about their love. Sofia Bevarly and Dan Bilzerian were not in a long-term relationship, according to several accounts, and he dated other women while they were together.

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No longer together? That’s what the rumors are saying. As a single lady, Sofia Bevarly enjoys what she has going for her.

Net Worth

While working for a wide range of companies, Sofia Bevarly accumulated substantial wealth. Models may expect to earn between US$32,000 and US$48,000, depending on the market price, according to various sources.

Estimates range from US$500,000 to US$1 million for Sofia Bevarly’s net worth, according to various sources. We can observe her lavish lifestyle through her Instagram account.


Social Media

Insta: @sofia bevarly;

@Sofia-Bevarly on Facebook