If you’re thinking of starting a small business in Ethiopia, you might be making the best decision as the country has experienced rapid economic growth over the years.

The country’s broadening economy has presented different opportunities in areas like the agriculture and IT sectors. As there have been current different reforms that have been enforced to enable the success of new business ideas in Ethiopia, you have a high percentage of success when you venture into a business in Ethiopia.

Small Business in Ethiopia

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Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia 

Before you start your small business in Ethiopia take a look at the ideas we have listed below.

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Open a Poultry Farm

The poultry farm has a good demand in Ethiopia, so starting one won’t be a bad idea. Close supervision is essential in running a poultry farm as negligence can obstruct the growth of poultry. Selling eggs, day-old chicks, and meat can bring you income on a poultry farm. 

Fast Food Joint

A fast-food corner is a very good business idea you can start in Ethiopia. Burgers, chicken, and fries are very famous in the country. When the food is of good quality, customers will turn up in large numbers and you can start making income.

Beauty Salon Business 

The salon business is known to be highly profitable anywhere. Set up a beauty salon in a very good location in Ethiopia, employ professionals beautician, and make sure the infrastructure looks appalling to customers.

Rice Farming

With the low production of rice in Ethiopia, starting up a business in rice farming can be lucrative. You have to acquire the knowledge of farming and yielding before you can startup.

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The bakery business is well known in Ethiopia. If you know about baking, you can set up your bakery shop at a good location. By making sure your products are of good standard suiting the taste of the inhabitants your business will start to grow.

Laundry service 

As it is very high in demand in Ethiopia, the laundry service can fetch in steady income if you are good at it. Get a washing machine, drier and other equipment and set up at your home, or rent a space/shop in an area with potential customers.

Child Care Center

The child care center is a good business idea to start up in Ethiopia. You have to set up a care center to look after the kids of various age groups when their parents are away. Get a good place, buy some toys and you’re good to go

Solar Panel Business

The solar panel business is becoming well known in Ethiopia. If you have the ability and knowledge of manufacturing solar panels, and you’re good with the installation and repair. You can start making an income by rendering your services for offices and homes.

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Cleaning Services

As the business sector grows in Ethiopia, so is the demand for cleaning services. Banks, schools, and other organizations need cleaners. Hire people to work as cleaners. You can also render services such as disinfection and start making money.


Many people are rushing into the tutoring business in Ethiopia as it is in demand. If you’re good at teaching, you can start tutoring students in different grades. Depending on your qualifications you can offer your service to students in school, college, and other institutions. Classes can hold online or at home depending on your setup and your student’s convenience.