https //srd.sassa.gov.za /sc19/reconsideration

Applicants whose Sassa Grant Application was declined and had their income be zero in the preceding month can submit an application for SASSA Reconsideration on https //srd.sassa.gov.za /sc19/reconsideration

To check your srd grant application reconsideration status, follow these steps:

  • Click on the link  https://srd.dsd.gov.za/appeals
  • Enter your ID number and the phone number that was used to submit the application
  • Click on the “send pin” button
  • A message will be sent to the your phone number containing an OTP code and enter the pin into the space provided.
  • When the reconsideration page is loaded fully, choose the month you want to check its status.
  • If it is approved, it will be shown either with pay dates or without pay dates.
  • If reconsideration is still pending, then you may have to wait for some time.
  • Applicants are not to use checking of applications status to check reconsideration status.
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