A. MTN Mobile Money is an electronic mobile service that lets users store, send and receive money on their phones. It is a convenient alternative to bank accounts and can be used on basic phones as well as smartphones. Send & Receive Money using MTN MOMO Pay

Here is How to Send & Receive Money on MTN or another network in Uganda

Simply send money from your Mobile Money account to another Mobile Money account, or send money from your Mobile Money account to a Non-Mobile Money registered number (on MTN or another network), using a secret code which the receiver will present to a Mobile Money Agent who will cash them. ​

  1. Dial *165#
  2. Select Send Money
  3. Choose to send Money to a Mobile User (someone with a mobile phone) OR a Non-Mobile user (someone without a mobile phone)
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If Sending to a Mobile User:

Step 4: Enter Recipient’s Phone Number

Step 5: Enter Amount

Step 6: Enter Reason for sending

Step 7: Confirm Enter PIN Code

Step 8: You will receive a confirmation message


If Sending to a Non-Mobile User:

Step 4: Enter Amount

Step 5: Enter Reason for sending

Step 6: Create a four digit (4) secret code.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation message

Step 8: Send the secret code generated

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