The National Assembly has vowed that it will ensure that Nigeria’s democracy is not undermined.

The legislators also said this while speaking to a group of protesters at the National Assembly, while stating that they would do all within the provision of their power to ensure that no group undermines the legislative power of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“We have reached the point there is no going back on democracy, we have heard you and will return the the leadership of the National Assembly – the Senate President Bukola Saraki and speaker Dogara – on the purpose of your visit”, said Senator Samuel Anyanwu.

In response, the group (Movement for the Advancement of National Transformation) led by Jude Ndukwe, said that democracy was under threat in Nigeria.

“Nigerians must defend the institute of democracy. We can no longer afford the luxury of these unnecessary distractions.

“While the executives concentrate on attacking the national assembly, they left their guard open and allowed meningitis to avoidably claim hundreds of lives of Nigerians who depended on them for action against such diseases”, said Dare-Atoye, one of the protesters.

“This unholy attempt to kill our legislature must stop now! Need we remind all those working to undermine the legislative arm is the bastion of democracy and the pedestal on which every democracy, whether presidential, parliamentary or any other form of democratic government stands, and that any attempt to weaken it is an attempt to subvert democracy,” he added.

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